Patio String Lights: Decorative Charm

Patio lights have always had the magical ability of transforming an ordinary patio instantaneously into an outdoor wonderland. You can get so much more out of your patio if you’re able to utilise it after the sun sets – think evening bbq’s, some drinks with guests, etc.

The market for patio accessories has changed massively over the last few years.

The infant has grown into a mature market offering variety to homeowners.

Nowhere is this truer than with the range of patio string lights. It seems like just a few years ago, consumers had to be satisfied with fragile plastic yellow green and red lanterns decorated randomly around the patio railing. Consumers now have choice, and an abundance of it!

Patio string lights
Patio string lights

So how do I distinguish between patio string lights and other lights?

Firstly they work on a low wattage system and therefore have low heat emissions, rendering it safe for your use outdoors.  Every string has set wattage which means that the brighter the lights, the fewer amount you can have on the string. The amount of lights you have on a string therefore depends largely on their size as well as brightness. The light globes themselves on the string are usually spaced about twelve inches from each other. The strings vary greatly in length, but generally go up to around 100 feet.

Inevitable the question is now asked, ‘What are the best ways to incorporate patio string lights into my outdoor settings?’ Let’s look at a few options,

Novel designs & Patio string lights for special occasions
If you are in the mood to add a funky twist to your patio or just to add something different, there are a range of interesting designs of string lights on the market to choose from.

These are by no stretch of the imagination the conservative choice, but they are great for making your outdoor space a fun space.  Some light designs include Asian lanterns, butterflies, flowers and abstract shapes in just about all colours imaginable.

So many homeowners approach me, asking for ways to ‘spice up’ their patios for a special occasion or periods like Easter, Christmas, Halloween, etc.

Again, the market offers an endless range of patio string lights for these occasions and includes themed lights for events such as weddings, birthdays and other special get-togethers.

Patio string lights
Patio string lights
Rope Lights

These patio string lights are one of my personal favourites. Rope lights have the ability to transform even the oldest jagged patio into an elegant outdoor space. Although they are slightly more expensive than some other types and designs, it’s worth every dollar you dish out. The lights can be ‘draped’ in many areas of the patio such as the pillars, steps, rails and even along the floor on the outlines of the outdoor area.

Patio string mini lights

Patio mini lights have been described as the people’s lights before. The reason for this is due to its popularity. Patio string mini lights area easy to handle and can be seamlessly integrated with your outdoor decor by wrapping it around posts, for use in trees and many other areas of your patio.
One of the downsides of patio string lights is all the wiring devices involved. It is after all an electrical device. Certain key safety measures to keep in mind are to firstly confirm if the lights you purchase are in fact suitable for outdoor use. Once the lights are installed, make sure to check the wiring, strings and globes regularly. As they say, ‘Better be safe than sorry.’

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