Patio Umbrella Lights – Best Types of Patio Umbrella Lights

The phrase, ‘Killing two birds with one stone’ come to mind when I think of patio umbrella lights. The umbrella provides shade and protection for you and your guests during the day, whilst at night time it illuminates your outdoor area – Great functionality!

Let’s dive straight into it and see what types of patio umbrella lights you have to choose from to decorate your patio.

Solar patio umbrella lights

In another section of the website we have looked in depth at the workings of solar patio lights. Certain makes and models are compatible for installation into an umbrella. One caveat is off course for your umbrella to be placed in a part of the patio where there is sunlight. These UV rays are necessary for the solar patio lights to collect energy and ultimately provide light when you need it! Solar patio umbrella lights are easy to install and have no wiring – a great benefit from a decorative standpoint.

Patio umbrella lights
Patio umbrella lights

String patio umbrella lights

String patio lights are very popular for use in patio umbrellas. Decorators use three methods to incorporate these string lights into the umbrella.

One option is for the lights to be connected with the ribs of the patio umbrella, alternatively incorporate the ‘lamp style’ lights which can be attached around the umbrella pole. Some homeowners also decorate the string light around the fringe of the patio umbrella.

So to make sense of it all, we have compiled a 3 step process to follow when buying light for your patio umbrella. Follow these and you will easily have direction in this maze of options:

Patio umbrella lights
Patio umbrella lights

Step1 – Know your patio umbrella

First determine the size, make and quality of your patio umbrella. This will be your starting point. As some patio umbrella lights are manufactured to fit only standard size umbrellas, you may have to eliminate certain products from your ‘option list’ if your umbrella is custom made. Also if you have a fairly low quality patio umbrella, perhaps a better choice would be lighting to decorate accordingly. Don’t put perfume on a pig as they would say.

Step2 – Energy Source

The energy source of your lights is the next major decision you need to take. The energy source will have an effect on your running costs, installation difficulty, as well as upfront expenses. Generally you can decide between traditional plug-in lights, battery operated- and solar patio umbrella lights.

Step 3  – Comparison websites

By now you will probably have a short list of patio umbrella lights which you think is best for your decorative scenario. There are a range of comparison website that will now provide you with an in depth product review on various styles and designs available. This will hopefully take you to the stage where you have decided on a set that is best for you.

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