Solar Patio Lights: Save the Planet and Some Money!

Lately it has almost been fashionable to be ‘green’. Environmentalists, politicians and business leaders are urging everybody to reduce their carbon footprint in the pursuit of reducing man-made global warming.

This rising trend has given birth to a new range of products on the market – from hybrid motor vehicles with reduced CO2 emissions to solar patio lights.

The concept of solar patio lights is very simple. Solar power from natural sunlight is stored by a built in battery during the day. When the sun sets, the battery is ‘powered up’ to provide energy for the lights to function. This process occurs daily as long as there is sunlight. Also, most solar patio lights have energy efficient bulbs which use traditionally less energy than other electric lights.

Solar patio lights
Solar patio lights

This energy efficiency implies that the cost of maintaining these lights is negligible. There are therefore no monthly electric bills to pay for lighting your patio, as the light is abundantly and freely supplied with the compliments of Mother Nature. The only significant outlay is upfront and if you shop around, you will find some excellent deals.

Getting the most ‘bang for your buck’ is not the only positive attribute of solar patio lights. They are also effortlessly easy to install. Solar lights come in all shapes and sizes.

They can be in the form of lights mounted on stakes, or hanging from poles and other fixtures. The just if it, is that you don’t need years of experience in DIY to install these. This ease and mobility also points to one of its other strong suits – decorative flexibility.

Ever grown tired of having fixtures in the same place and having to move mountains to change them around? That is no longer an issue with solar patio lights. Most solar lights are easily moved around to different areas of your patio, helping you to create a different atmosphere and feel in a matter of minutes. A decorators dream, as you are not constrained to practical issues such as wiring and other problems.

So what do I need to be on the lookout for when shopping around for solar patio lights?

Solar patio lights
Solar patio lights

As with any decorative accessory to your patio, consider the general theme of your outdoor living space. Bold and radical fixtures have a place in your decorating efforts, but mostly it’s important to maintain a certain level of consistency throughout the theme of your patio. This refers to choosing both the style as well as colour of your lights.

This leads to my next point on choosing a certain type of solar light for your patio. There are many models and makes on the market and diversity is the name of the game.

Generally you can choose between fittings that attach at the top of lamp posts, conventional spotlights, solar patio lights that blend in with your garden by taking the shape of rocks or other garden accessories or the type that resemble lanterns for a more classical look.

Furthermore, these different types of lights are also manufactured in a range of different materials such as plastic, stainless steel, copper, etc.

These products generally have great flexibility in terms of uses as well as applications in your patio décor. It’s best to consult the vendor on the product specifics before you buy, as some makes and models have some astonishingly spiffy features.

Solar patio lights have the unique ability of merging the benefits of a temporary fitting with a permanent fixture. The lights have nearly all the benefits of permanent lights coupled with reduced running costs. A great combination to have, and a two thumbs up from my point of view.

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