Awnings and the Rain

One of the most enjoyable things about having awnings over your veranda is rainy mornings spent sipping tea on the veranda. Feeling dry while gazing out at the storm is very relaxing for most people. The only problem with rainy days and awnings is the inevitable water dripping off the awnings during the storm and even after the storm is over. The water dripping off of the awnings is often even more powerful than the rain itself.

The water dripping can be very problematic. It can often damage items that are placed too close to the edge of the awning. The water dripping at the edges of the awnings falling on the item can damage them. Also entering or exiting the awnings is worse than being out in the actual rain. The water drips hard at the edges of the awning than the surrounding area. Also, after the rain finally stops, the water will continue dripping heavily. This means that even after the rain stops falling you can still get wet. Fortunately, there are options to solve this problem.

One such solution is purchasing the, “Awning Gutter System.” The Awning Gutter is a very simple solution that does not involve any construction. It is essentially a set of clips that attach to the awning’s roller tube. Once it is clipped to your awning, the overhanging valance becomes the gutter. This is possible because the overhang valance is now resting inside of the tube. It is very simple to set up and does not require any specialized knowledge. The Awning Gutter allows you to decide which direction you want the water to fall. Rotating the Awning Gutter clips will allow you to switch the direction the water falls.

There is another solution that is quite simple for people who are not very good with their hands. It is possible to simply tilt your awnings at an angle. This will allow the water to run off to one side rather than drip heavily nears the entrance of the awning. This is very easy to do with an adjustable awning. There are different types of adjustable awnings. Some are electrical and some are mechanical. With the electrical awnings, you simply have to push a button to make the necessary adjustments. Mechanical awnings will require you to use a hand crank to make the adjustments.

If you follow these suggestions solutions, you will enjoy rainy mornings for a long time to come under awnings. In addition, you will not have to worry about getting wet.

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