Maintaining Your Sprinkler System

One of the most important investments you will make for your yard and for your home is that of a sprinkler system. You will want to make sure and maintain and protect your sprinkler system to prevent your investment from going to waste.

There is a lot of work that goes into maintaining a lawn sprinkler system, including seasonal little girl getting wet with lawn sprinklercheck-ups, which you can do yourself. It is important to be careful when mowing your lawn or digging around sprinkler heads.

Maintenance Tips

Make sure to inspect your sprinkler system frequently for broken sprinkler heads. Replacing a head is fairly simple as all you need to do is unscrew the broken sprinkler head and locate a matching head at your local home improvement store.

Run your system in order to check the amount of water that your lawn is receiving. You can do this by placing an empty tin can (such as a tuna fish can) on your lawn while the lawn is being watered in order to see if it is getting at least one inch of water.

Another important aspect of maintaining and caring for your sprinkler system making the sure the spray patterns are adjusted correctly, meaning all parts of the lawn are getting sufficient amounts of water and you are not watering the sidewalk or the street, as it quickly become a waste of water and money.

Come winter time, make sure to drain your entire sprinkler system before freezing weather hits. Follow the instructions in the operating manual to drain the system properly. Also, use caution when restarting the system in the spring, consulting again with operating manual or trained professional.

In cases of black outs or periods where your house loses power, make sure to check the sprinkler timer on your system. If the timer is in disrepair, the whole system is in jeopardy. You can get new sprinkler timers online or at your local Home Depot.

Sometimes your system will need to be readjusted to water at proper times. Also adjust the watering levels for different seasons, as lawns generally need less water in the spring and fall.

Make sure also to inspect your sprinkler system for leaking, or weeping sprinklers. If your head are leaking, it may mean that you have a worn out valve that needs replacing. Shut off the water to the valve and take the old valve to the home improvement store to purchase a new, matching valve.

Do not run over sprinkler heads with a riding lawn mower and make sure to mark your sprinkler system with flags when digging in the lawn. This will prevent any amount of potential accidents.

Maintaining your sprinkler system may take a fair amount of work and care, but it will all be worth it when your lawn is green and healthy. You will be glad you put in a little extra effort.

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