Life in the Dark: A Guide to the Best Colorful Flowers For Shady Areas

Everyone has that one spot in their yard: the dark blip on their otherwise flawlessly landscaped gardens, the single area that the sun’s warming rays always seem to overlook. Shady spots in a nicely landscaped yard can really be frustrating because they seem to act as dark clouds encroaching on the light and bright colors emanating from the rest of your flower garden. But every time you attempt to liven up the area with a pretty rose bush or a pleasant pot of hydrangeas, the beautiful flowers shrink and wilt to their death from the lack of sunlight. However, there are certain little-known flowering plants that are able to withstand constant shade. These garden gems produce an abundance of colorful buds in a variety of bright hues that ensure no part of your yard goes without color.

Bigroot Geranium

A unique type of geranium that’s designed to stay alive through all kinds of plant horrors, ranging from heat to drought to, of course, constant shade, the bigroot geranium is the perfect perennial for your garden of darkness. Available in a variety of colors such as hot pink and vibrant purple, the assorted shades of the bigroot geranium are bright enough to be easily noticed in a shady area. As an added bonus, rabbits and other creatures who are known for their flower and plant nibbling tendencies generally pass by this gorgeous garden staple.

Bleeding Heart

Name-recognizable from a variety of classic Victorian novels and old-fashioned love stories, the dainty bleeding heart is amazingly not as fragile as it looks. Bleeding hearts, available in pastel hues of pink or white, are actually perfectly capable of successfully completing their blooming season under a continuous cover of complete shade. Furthermore, the heart-shaped petals of this classic flower are beautifully arranged in a neat line along the arching woody stems, adding to this plant’s established air of elegance and regality.


An exquisitely unique flowering plant, hostas are large, bushy, and love to feed off shade and darkness. Disguising their flowers as wide spreading leaves, the hosta is available in many unique colors, from silver-blue to emerald green to shimmering gold. By choosing the hosta to fill the shady void in your yard, you’re guaranteed a gorgeous and amazingly colored plant that will definitely turn heads.

No matter the style or theme of the rest of the plants in your yard, from this list you’re sure to find a gorgeous flower to add some much-needed vibrant color to your yard’s shady spot.

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