Gardening Projects you can Share with your Kids

Finding ways to spend time with your kids in this electronic driven world may prove to be a major hurdle. With video game getting more elaborate, kids get some feeling of triumph once they complete a level in a game. As a parent you wonder how you can possibly compete with that. Gardening provides a harmonious link between giving your kids a sense of achievement while spending quality time with them in a fun activity.

There are a number of excellent gardening projects you can take up with your kid as you will soon come to realize. The first one is the sometimes frowned upon but very familiar watering routine. This can be a good starting place for children of all ages to try out. The important thing is to ensure that you are present in order to maintain discipline. Having a kids size watering can may help keep this project less messy.

An ingenious way to get your kids to eat their vegetables is the next gardening idea for little ones. Normal kids are not too friendly when it comes to greens; why not involve them in a veggie growing project? It is a clever way to change their perceptions on the type of food they dislike the most. You can put them in charge of one section of the garden and guide them through it.

If your child is a girl, you can never go wrong with planting flowers. There are some which take less time to blossom and if the weather is right, you can take up the project. This is one of the few ones your kid will beg for again and again after a successful trial.

Teach your kid how plants grow by planting some beans on the garden. This can as a bonding and learning project as well and the earlier you teach them the better. Once they get to that topic in school, your kid is sure to be ahead of the rest as they would have seen it first-hand. The bean is great in this project due to its fast growing nature.

The last gardening project you should try out with your kid involves growing gourds. This pumpkin-like plant will marvel your kid and leave them wanting more. The dried and finished product from the gourd vine can later be decorated and made into a household work of art.

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