Purchased Vs. Freshly Grown Fruits And Veggies

One of the most debated topics nowadays is whether people should purchase fruits and veggies, or if they should rely on freshly grown ones. Here you will find the main aspects that will help you decide between store-bought and home grown fruits and veggies.

One of the main reasons why some people prefer home grown fruits and vegetables over the store-bought ones is because whenever they feel like eating a fresh tomato or an apple, they can pick it right from their garden. They have planted the seeds themselves, so there are no “hidden surprises” in the fruit. Everything is natural and safe, and home grown fruits and veggies do not involve as many health risks as the store-bought ones, which can have pesticide traces that pose a series of health threats in the long run.

Another reason is the cost-effectiveness of home grown fruits and vegetables. As a gardener, you can enjoy tasty, home grown fruits and veggies at a more reasonable price – unlike it happens with store-bought products, where the price is usually sky-high and the price-quality relationship is not always excellent. As a matter of fact, you can save several hundred dollars a year if you decide to grow your own vegetables and fruits. Even so, you will still have to spend money on seeds and plants, canning and freezing supplies, canning salt and such.

In conclusion, it must be mentioned that home grown plants have their downsides as well: if you decide to cultivate vegetables in your garden, then you must know that this involves a lot of effort and commitment  as you will not get to eat the “Fruits of your labor” overnight. It takes time and ambition in order to grow a vegetable garden. This is one of the reasons why most people turn their faces to the fruits and veggies they can find in store: they do not have to wait several months, all they have to do is to pick their favorite fruits and buy them.

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