An Overview Of Water Gardening

Water gardens, also referred to as aquatic gardens, are, in fact, man-made water features that have continuously grown in popularity over the past decades. Water gardening is commonly described as the re-creation of any landscape, both interior and exterior, that displays a variety of water plant species.

As you may already know, the main focus of water gardening is centered on plants. However, these artificial landscapes may also include exotic fish – in this case your water feature will be referred to as a fish pond.

Typically, people who want water features in their yards opt for relatively shallow water gardens. If you have children, it would be recommended that you also choose a shallow water feature – the reasons are quite obvious.

Once you decide to give water gardening a try, you will need to choose a place where your water feature will be built. After that, you’ll need to think about liners. You’ll have to exclude a concrete lining, because water gardening is all about decor – concrete won’t look good at all.

Instead, you can consider rubber liners. Rubber is very flexible, easy to install and it will stand the test of time and temperature – whereas concrete might crack in winter.

However, as soon as you choose a liner, you’ll have to get an underlayer as well. This commercial material is especially designed for such purposes and it will protect your liner from rocks and roots.

Most water plants are resistant to temperature changes, but they cannot survive in water that lacks a sufficient amount of oxygen. That’s why you’ll also need a pump. This device will ensure that the water is constantly moved – in a similar way to natural water currents.

Regardless of the plants you choose for your water garden, also think about water lilies. These beautiful flowers will not only brighten up your water feature, but they will also ensure that your back yard is pleasantly fragranced.

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