What Is Container Gardening?

Various people from all across the world are enthusiastic about container gardening. Aside from the fact that all types of gardening can be a great hobby, you can also start your own business in gardening. However, gardening with the use of containers is considered a rewarding and stress-relieving hobby for everyone.

The Definition

Some people might not have any idea as to what container gardening is. For everybody’s information, this it is a practice or type of gardening in which the plants are grown absolutely in containers instead of growing them in the ground. This particular method of growing plants is usually for ornamental purposes. In most cases, ordinary pots and containers are used. You can find various containers made from concrete, terra cotta, wood, metal, plastic, wire, or even ceramic. Some peopel even use tires, boxes, or watering cans.

What Are The Advantages?

Many people prefer this type of gardening due to some advantages. Many plants are suitable to be grown in containers, which include vegetables, small trees, herbs or shrubs, decorating flowers, and various ornamental plants. With this, you have a lot of choices. Aside from this, this type of gardening is less prone to soil-borne diseases which is why you won’t have to worry at all. You can also eliminate weed problems easily.

Another advantage of this type of gardening is the fact that you can control the temperature, exposure to the sunlight, and moisture of the plants since you can move their containers from one place to another.

Helpful Container Gardening Ideas and Tips

  1. One of the most important things you need to remember is the drainage. Make sure that each container contains holes in the bottom to allow excess water to drain out.
  2. Another tip to consider is the type of soil you should use. Make use of potting soil rather than topsoil. Sand can be added so that water can be drained out easily. You should also remove dry leaves or flowers so that your plants are allowed to grow.
  3. In addition, the type of plants should be considered as well. If you want to grow plants inside your house, you can opt for ferns, begonias, or ivy. These plants do not require much sunlight. Daisies and petunias are perfect to grow outside your house or you may place them on your patio or deck.
  4. You can also plant tomatoes, herbs, and other vegetables using this type of gardening.

Indeed, container gardening is a perfect way to spend your time at and beautify your own home.

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