Indoor Plants for Positive Energy

Did you know that certain indoor plants have the power to regulate the flow of natural energy and control the balance of other energies in your home?

We encourage you to decorate your home with these who will relax you and fill your home with positive energy.

According to FengShui, the ancient Chinese life style in harmony with earth energy, there are indoor plants that regulate the positive energy flow. Bring positive energy in your home by choosing plants with heart shaped, rounded or flashy leaves like aglaonema, ficus, croton, echeveria, dieffenbachia, primula, violet, orchid, spathiphyllum, begonia, gardenia, nertera, coral bead, pachira or money tree etc. Keep this plants in the eastern, south-east or southern part of your home. The best rooms to keep these plants in are the dining room, living room, balcony or entrance. Bamboo is great for your kitchen or bathroom because it needs moisture for growth. Indoor palm trees are suitable for larger spaces or halls. Make sure the air in your home isn’t too dry or the temperature too high. Give them more water during the summer and less during winter. It’s that simple!

Indoor Plants for Positive Energy
Indoor Plants for Positive Energy

Although climbers like philodendron, scindapsus, ivy, columnea or chlorophytum don’t have rounded leaves they are still plants that won’t affect negatively the energy in your home as their flexibility mitigates the harsh lines of furniture, shelves and windows. However you can plant plants with rounded leaves in hanging planters instead of using climbers. Maranta, calathea and phitonia are perfect for planting in hanging baskets. According to FengShuicacti are the worst choice for home plants and should be avoided.
When it is colder and we spend more time indoors (or in the office for instance) it is helpful to use fragrant indoor plants. FengShui recommends using fragrant plants for balancing your personal energy – we instantly feel better when we sense a appealing fragrance in the room.

Some of the plants that can make our life better while we are indoors are basil, bergamot, lemon, pine, eucalyptus, jasmine, blueberry, chamomile, cinnamon, lavender, peppermint, rose, orange and thyme. The smell of the basil increases the self confidence and make you concentrate easier. You can plant in a container and keep it by your kitchen’s window. Bergamot will help you feel full and not crave food as well as decrease melancholic feeling. Keep in the southern part of your living room or office.
Plant a pine at the entrance of your home or in a container on the balcony. It helps with feeling of tension. Put some of it’s needles in your cleaning solution to refresh your home.

Indoor Plants for Positive Energy
Indoor Plants for Positive Energy

Eucalyptus is a true blessing for those who have sinus problems. When fighting a cold, fill the space with eucalyptus fragrance as it has the ability to clean your lungs. Keep your eucalyptus plant in the north-east part and those of you who travel a lot in the north-west.
If you like to have a vase with flowers in your home make sure they are always fresh as fresh flowers have the ability to absorb bad smell and toxins. The vase should be always in the center of the room. Change the vase water daily. When doing so cut the flowers a bit and remove all dry leaves or flowers if any.

If you’d like to use dried flowers opt for lavender as it is the only flower that FengShui recommends to be used in its dried form.

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