Simple Tips for First Time Gardeners

Gardens, big or small, we all want them to look pretty, especially in spring in summer when we can sit outside and just relax in the sun while admiring all that flowers and plants. But, you already know that a beautiful garden means a lot of hard work and care.

A gardener is someone who practices gardening, either professionally or as a hobby. However, we are not all professional gardeners that know how to take a proper care for the garden. But, on the other hand, we can all be gardeners and with a bit of help, useful tips and lot of love and good will, the dreamed garden will come true. With few easy and useful tips and tricks you can also create a lovely garden in your yard and take care for all that plants, flowers and trees. From planning, feeding the soil and making your own compost, choosing the right plant and needed tools here few tips if you want or you already have a garden.  These are very simple, but yet, very useful tips for creating a lovely space in your yard and be proud of that heavenly combination of flowers, plants, colors and all other decorations.

First Time Gardeners
First Time Gardeners
•    Right Plant on the Right Place

ALWAYS, but we mean ALWAYS plant the right plant in the right place, or another way of putting it, suit the plant to the site. That way they can grow healthy, catching all the sun or resting in the shade depends on the plant. And try not to mix the flowers, for example exotic with perennials.  Read more about the flower before planting it.

•    Leave Room for the Plant to Grow

One of the most common mistakes that first time gardeners is planting the flowers too closely, not leaving enough space for the flower, plant or tree to mature and grow. A rule of thumb is to plant something the distance of 1/2 its size, i.e., if a plant grows 2′ wide, plant it 1′ from its neighbor.

•    Soil – the Secret of great Garden

As a gardener you must remember to feed the soil, not the plant. The secret to a great garden is great soil. Try to add large amounts of organic materials like crushed leaves, grass clippings, and homemade compost. Your plants will never be happier.

First Time Gardeners
First Time Gardeners
•    A Must have Tools

Every work reburies proper tool, so, as gardener you need few too, for cleaning, planting, digging or pruning. So, a must have tools are hand rake, water breaker, shears, gardening knife, scissors, hand pruner, weeder, round-headed shovel, transplant spade, leaf rake and washable synthetic gloves. You can use few more, but for start these are enough.  And don’t forget a hat to protect you from the sun and rubber boots.

•    Be Creative

If you have a will to be a gardener, even as a hobby, the best advice is to be creative. Gardens based on flower can be boring, so add more texture, color and fun by adding props and decorations, add small fountain, use different pots and plant some trees. Never forget that gardening is hard, but very fun and the result is worth all that effort.

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