Silver & Purple – a Match Made in Heaven!

Purple has been a very popular color in the last couple of years. Combined with silver, modern details and shiny foliage, it can give your garden a fresh, noble touch.

Purple is dominating the fashion world, but also makes the perfect color to use for the details in your home. When we are talking garden design, purple is always at home! There are so many plants that offer beautiful purple flowers and this surely is a color that is very easy to combine with others. However, silver is her perfect partner to combine with in the garden. Plants and shrubs with shiny silver foliage bring elegance both in flower beds and containers.

Silver and Purple
Silver and Purple

Purple comes in so many mesmerizing shades and is, of course, a mixture of red & blue. If blue dominates in a certain shade it makes it refreshing and colder. When red dominates the shade is warmer and more passionate. Take bell shaped campanula with it’s bluish-purple flowers and sage with reddish-purple leaves as typical examples. There are so many other perennials in different shades of purple you can consider for your garden like the resistant Phlox with it’s two most popular varieties – “Hesperis” offering flowers in the color of lilac and bluish “Blue Paradise”. Deliphinium offers many varieties in purple as well as Cranesbill (Geranium Himalayense) that has to ability to create a true sea of purple flowers in your flower bed. Even in the classic plants known for their purple color like lilac and pansies, the color varies depending on the variety offering you a choice of warmer red and colder blue shades.

Plants with silver shades radiate brilliance when planted in a mysterious purple flower bed. What is a bed of Allium (ornamental onion) without the blossoms of Lamb’s tongue (Stachys Byzantina ‘Silver Carpet’)? The color and the shape of these two plants make them a pair made in heaven! Plants with decorative foliage in silver color like Wormwood (Artemisia Abdsinthium), Lungwort (Pulmonaria) or the popular Silver Sage (Salvia Argentea) are also offering beautiful shades of purple. Sweet thistle (Eryngium Giganteum) has impressive globular flower heads while ornamental grasses like Chinese silver grass (Mischantus) and Penisetum (Pennisetum alopecuroides) bring playful lightness to purple flower beds.

Silver and Purple
Silver and Purple

Silver foliage is most fascinating during night hours. At twilight Artemisia and Lamb’s tongue show their ability to radiate more light then they absorb. This makes plants with silver foliage perfect for planting near your sitting area or around your porch, places where we gladly rest during the evening.

Some herbs offer both of these amazing colors on one plant – usually silver foliage and purple flowers. Lavender, rosemary, thyme, sage and valerian combine these two colors in the best possible way.

Combining purple and silver in containers is an easy task. Take a galvanized planter and plant some summer annuals in lilac color like petunias or verbenas. Osteospermum is yet another plant that offers a large choice of varieties in purple shades. With it’s high gloss petals it can achieve fantastic effect. The choice of silver plants to combine with the purple ones in containers and planters is also wide. Helychrisum ‘Goring silver’, Strawflowers, Calocephalus ‘Silver Stone’  and Jacobaea maritima offer beautiful bright silver foliage.

Details have the ability to accentuate the effect of color. Zinc or silver metals are great choice of materials for pots, vases, candle holders… Tablecloths in lilac or gray can bring a touch of elegance and stateliness to your porch or balcony.

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